ANTLR plugin for Eclipse

This project leverages the Eclipse platform (v3.02 and v3.1) by adding support for the parser generator ANTLR.

It provides the following plugins:

ANTLR 2.7.6 (official) library
ANTLR 2.7.6 (official) documentation
ANTLR project nature with builder
ANTLR-aware text editor (associated to files with extension '*.g')

ANTLR-Eclipse Editor



Via Eclipse Update Manager

Online updates are available on Define a site bookmark in Eclipse's Update Manager view as follows. (This description is for Eclipse 3.1; Eclipse 3.02 installation is similar, but the dialogs are slightly different)
  1. Choose Software Updates->Find and Install from the Help menu.

  2. Select Search for new features to install and press Next.

  3. Press New Remote Site...

  4. Enter "ANTLR Eclipse" (or whatever you would like) as the name, and "" for the URL.

  5. Press Finish

  6. Check the boxes next to the version you would like to install and press Next.

  7. Accept the license agreement and press Next.

  8. Press Finish.

Eclipse may ask if you want to restart. We recommend that you do.

The update site can also be downloaded from SourceForge and used locally. This is a good option for company-wide use.


To add/remove the ANTLR project nature to/from a project select a project in Eclipse's navigator view and select from the context menu Toggle ANTLR project nature.

When you build your project, the ANTLR builder will be executed. If you have automatic build turned on, ANTLR will be run against your grammar file whenever it has been modified.

You can set breakpoints in your grammar file by double-clicking in the ruler area (the same way you set breakpoints for java debugging.) A few notes on debugging:

Please use the sourceforge forums for antlreclipse comments, suggestions and bug reports.

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